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We keep growing!: We welcome the new Imagemaker's CTO

In the last two years, Imagemaker has had exponential growth that has allowed it to start operations in countries such as Colombia, Costa Rica, Spain, and United States. Along with a Maker-centric culture, a key part of its success has been providing clients with talent trained in innovative and disruptive technologies.

Under this context of expansion and to continue providing high-quality services, the role of Chief Technology Officer was enabled, a position inaugurated by Rodrigo Ruiz.

Rodrigo is married, father of two children, and a composer/singer-songwriter, he plays various instruments and has some songs going around on Spotify. His favorite pets are fish and he has a pond full of the Koi species, the one that is characterized by its strength and consistency for always going against the current.

As a good Electronic Civil Engineer, he loves to work on the practical part of projects and this new stage will allow him once again to put into practice everything he has learned in his professional career.

Rodrigo comes to Imagemaker to focus on technical leadership and delivery of excellence, but also to help us with growth issues in a global market and a highly competitive local market.

This is precisely why technology companies must be constantly evolving towards new trends through highly-trained talent. Thus, with the arrival of Rodrigo and in line with the strategy focused on employees, several programs will be launched:

1. Mentoring Program: Its objective is to map internal talent and offer personalized growth plans directed by the Makers themselves, who are characterized by wanting to share knowledge.

2. Career path: It will be a growth plan supported by Hügga software (a product created by Makers), which maps people's passions and technical skills.

3. Technical leadership plan: Oriented to our Tech leads, and that will give them tools and continuous support.

4. Laboratories to experiment, new ways of learning, and new types of projects.


These programs, along with other exciting things coming to Imagemaker in the short term, are starting sooner than you imagined - in fact, look forward to hearing about the launch of the Mentoring Program pilot!

With this, it seeks to generate a virtuous circle in which talent creates more talent and naturally drives the maturity of the organization. Likewise, that the Makers grow towards where they want to grow since with the opening of new markets and the incorporation of large international clients, constant interesting challenges are generated.

One of the greatest challenges of Rodrigo's position is to project Imagemaker as a leader in the region, a challenge that involves the entire organization. To achieve this, it is necessary to correctly convey the value proposition in all our areas of action, ranging from how talent is attracted to how projects are executed.

“What attracted me most to the challenge was being part of an effort as ambitious as the stage Imagemaker is entering. The market is divided into the traditional companies, with their traditional ways and the innovative ones, those who are riding the wave of things to come, always ready to adapt. I see that spirit on a daily basis at Imagemaker. I'm really excited to be a part of what all the Makers are building ”Rodrigo said.

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