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Welcome! Alexandra came to strengthen the management of People

In the last 3 years, Imagemaker has globalized its operations to 6 countries, and naturally, the Maker family has grown, however, what has not changed is that the collaborators continue to be the center of the company.

In this context, the management of People is one of the key areas to carry out the strategy designed for the Makers and during July it welcomed Alexandra Moreno, a new manager who arrived to ensure that everyone has a memorable experience within Imagemaker.

Alexandra is Venezuelan and has been living in Bogotá, Colombia for 4 years. In addition to being an expert and scholar in people management and leadership, she loves animals -especially her cat Nala -, she likes sports and is a very good speaker. She stands out for her sense of humor and for always looking on the positive side of things.

“I am a very familiar person, but having come to live in another country meant for me the opportunity to learn about new cultures and broaden my mind, put myself in other people's shoes, and in a certain sense prepare myself for the challenges that this position entails. ”

This position is held by a person located outside of Chile, which is also in line with the purpose of further globalizing the company and the importance of decentralizing operations so that all Makers have the same experience within Imagemaker.

One of its main objectives will be to promote actions so that Imagemaker is a place where everyone feels happy to work and that, faced with an increasingly competitive technology market, employees prefer the company and decide to stay because they belong to a place where that they are recognized, they are challenged, with training and mobility opportunities, with excellent teamwork, with values ​​and a good balance between work and personal so that they feel like Makers even when they have left the company.

In her perception, “Imagemaker is disruptive from the start, from how they communicate to how they do things. There is already a very fertile ground that allows us to work on it and continue building. I come to work for and for the Makers so that they have the tools to be happy at work and enhance their talent.”

We welcome Alexandra and also thank Andrea Reyes who served as area leader and who will now be in a new role in charge of guiding Imagemaker's global Strategy and Planning.

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