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Welcome!: Pablo Frindt comes to boost financial businesses at Imagemaker

In November 2022 we welcomed Pablo Frindt, who came to Imagemaker to inaugurate the position of Digital Transformation Expert (Finance Sector) within the commercial area.

This new role stems from the need to connect with the strategy of our clients in the financial industry, one of Imagemaker's commercial strengths. This area has been strongly revolutionized and challenged by digitization. Having a benchmark in digital transformation allows us to consolidate ourselves as strategic partners, establish high-value conversations, and generate new business. Likewise, and thanks to his expertise of more than 17 years in the financial industry and agile work frameworks, he will support us in strengthening the Imagemaker Framework.

In addition to his extensive knowledge, Pablo has been in contact with Imagemaker for more than 15 years, he knows its history closely, our way of working, and evolution, so his profile was perfect to take charge of this new role.

In his first experience with us, Pablo worked at an important bank in Chile and he had the opportunity to meet a "young" Imagemaker who ended up being the selected provider to execute the development project of a sales portal for business executives.

After a few years and after completing a Master's in Web Science in Germany, his wife's native country, Pablo settled in Chile to work for an international bank. There his focus was to develop Digital Banking and agility. At that point, he invited Imagemaker -which had also evolved in the same direction- to be part of this new project.

In this regard, Pablo commented: “I have known Imagemaker for many years, I have accompanied them and witnessed the waves of change that they have had. Now I have decided to be a Maker and contribute from within to this growth. On a personal level, it motivates me to lead the creation of this new stage in the company, since it allows me to apply knowledge, and my client experience, soak up other realities and generate value for our clients, while I continue learning and developing myself.”

About Pablo

Pablo is Chilean, a native of the city of Temuco, a lover of comics (his favorite character of his is Batman) and he loves video games; among his favorite games are those of the 3rd person type, Action-Adventure (The Witcher, The Last of US, etc) and car racing simulation (Gran Turismo, Assetto Corsa, and Rally). He declares himself passionate about coaching, agility, leadership, and management 3.0.

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