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What we learned at Mobile World Congress 2022

Little by little we return to the rhythm of technological events and a great return to the slopes was the presence of Imagemaker at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (MWC) 2022, the most influential event in the world for the connectivity industry and to which of course, we could not miss.

And since the nobility of sharing knowledge is in the DNA of the Makers, we show you the learning that Christian Cooper, International Director, and Guillermo Crisóstomo, Delivery Director, absorbed in this meeting:

1. Talent, talent, and more talent: From the phenomenon of "Great Resignation", the challenge for companies is to understand how to face it, putting at the center the value of the balance between life and work as well as offering projects with a purpose that makes sense to the collaborators.

Along the same lines, Guillermo highlighted the idea "Work is something you do, not a place you go" and from the perspective that this premise breaks the spatial dimension and that the pandemic drove growth in job opportunities. creating competition for talent, makes it more difficult for companies to access, attract and keep the best talent, generating great competition to keep people delighted with what they do.

This continues the phrase "any job is available to anyone, anywhere." This expands the possibilities for companies and also generates that as employers compete directly for talent with technological monsters such as Google, and Apple, among others.

2. Europe Power: At a more internal level, attendance at the event confirmed the potential that Europe has at a regional level for Imagemaker, due to the growth that the Fintech Europes have had, given the social, legal, social, and regulatory changes in banking, especially in Spain as a platform and pole for attracting talent from different parts of the world.

3. 5G revolution: The arrival of 5G ceased to be news a while ago, but it is now that the impacts and enormous changes brought by the massification of 5G, satellite internet, the development of virtual reality technologies, and the metaverse are being noticed. Little by little, it begins to become more tangible how the most everyday topics such as education are transformed thanks to the infrastructure that this new technology allows thanks to the impulse that virtual reality is taking on everything that can occur to you, from games to mining, education the limits of space do not exist.

4. Human contact, always relevant: Paradoxically, one of the greatest lessons learned at a digital connectivity convention is that human contact remains one of the most important elements of the world's development. More and more companies are challenged to have the ability to mix both modes, synchronous and asynchronous, and understand when to apply one or the other.

Attendance at this type of event is extremely important for Imagemaker since it is an instance in which the company receives feedback on what is happening in the world context and is up to date on what is happening in other markets. In addition to being able to share knowledge, socialize it and reach all corners of the organization.

They are also very beneficial because the close meetings with people who attend the events or with potential clients allow them to understand their problems from a different perspective, making it possible to deliver a value proposition and do international business that opens up many possibilities for all Makers.

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